We have a reputation for the best, well-trained TOUR Guides on the island. Whilst tours of the territory will lead you to

1) The Horse Back Ridge, one of the island’s most panoramic scenery where one can see the general development of the Carib Territory, both in housing and Agriculture, beautiful view points of the Concorde Valley, our French neighbours of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Marie Gallante lying out in the Atlantic, the chain of mountains stretched out in the centre of the island from Diablotin to Trois Piton, and more.

2) The Crayfish River Waterfall (‘Isulukati Waterfall’): located in the mouth of the river, falling into a natural swimming pool called “Basin Bleau” and then spouting out into the sea. The Kallinago Indian Village is also located on the same area; it consist of several traditional structures covered with thatch roofs, whilst there one can view the breakers of the Atlantic, see schools of fishes such as jacks and sprats and the big fishes feeding through them, a hike through the seaside forest or maybe just taking a fresh water massage under the falls, or you just may try to catch a crayfish will all add to the fun.

3) The Legendary L’ Escalier Tete Chien: beautiful scenery and sacred worship grounds of Ancient Kallinago. The spectacle is that of a Natural Staircase coming from the ocean into the land some 200 yards long, presumed to be built by some monstrous snake, according to the Carib legend. The story goes on as will be explained by your guide.

4) The Salybia Village with rich cultural and historical interests happens to be the main administrative area within the territory, where the church, a school, Health Centre, Police Station, Post Office, Cemetery are all located.

Salybia is the sight of the 1930 Carib War.

Salybia Bay is used by the natives for dugout canoes to go out at sea.

Salybia is also the sight of a German burial ground. German warriors found dead on the shores of the Carib Territory after the Second World War were buried there.

The first church that was built in the Carib Territory was built in Salybia and today our church has some beautiful and artistic paintings among which is one that shows Christopher Columbus’ fleet on the Atlantic whilst passing through on his second voyage in 1493. The altar is made in the shape of a traditional canoe.

5) For the mountain lovers, the Carib Territory hike starts at the upper Concorde through the Charles Warner area, through the Bois Diable and D’jerick area and up to the Horseback Ridge. This is a five hour hike where one can see the virgin Rain Forest and the chance to see some of the wildlife the forest is famous for, such as the agouti, maybe a boa constrictor, an opossum, several species of birds, land crabs and more. One can also take a refreshing dip in a cool mountain stream. River bathe.

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