We are located on the East Central Coastline of the island of Waitikubuli (Carib name for Dominica), just a 15 minutes drive from the Melville Hall Airport, and a 1-hour drive from the capital Roseau, and the Canefield Airport.

Because of our strategic location we are well placed to access areas such as the Central Forest Reserve, the Northern Forest reserve, the three National Parks and the many beautiful hide away coves along the shores of the north-eastern coastline.

Spectacular views of the Atlantic

The Trois Pitons National Park – a World Heritage site and home of the popular Emerald Pool.

Morne Diablotin and the Syndicate Nature Trail- home of the two species of Amazon parrots, that of the Amazona imperialis and the Amazona Arausica found only on this island.

The Cabrits National Park features the historical struggles between the French and the English in their bid for possession of this country with ruins of old war forts, canons and canon balls. There many species of wild life that are commonly seen, such as the boa constrictors, ground lizards, tree lizards, several species of birds and crabs, whilst at the same time, one can have fun swimming and snorkelling in its marine environment enjoying the many beautiful corals.

The fine beaches of the northern coastline are all within easy reach; they are located at Hampstead, Calibishie, Hodges, Woodfordhill, Portsmouth and Pointe Ronde and Pagua Bay.

At the Carib (Kallinago) Territory one will experience a mixture of cultures. English, French, African and Carib (Kallinago) that is expressed in the food, language, dance, music and dress. Handicraft weaving and canoe building are among the most common signs of Carib culture and tradition.

We offer Kallinago and Creole Cuisine prepared from fresh, organically grown vegetables that are grown from our own garden. Freshwater crayfish when in season, lobster and locally caught fish are also commonly used in our menu.

During your relaxing time, a home-made rum punch or freshly squeezed fruit juice serves as a good company on your ocean view balcony.

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