About Dominica

Dominica has an area of roughly 300 sq. miles, it is 29 miles long by 16 miles wide at the longest and largest distance; it has a chain of mountains running through the centre of the island the tallest elevation raises to a height of 4747ft. hence the cause for our narrow and winding roads. The population is just over 70, 000 people, it has an agricultural based economy, the current crops are bananas, plantains, coconuts, citrus fruits, cocoa and coffee, passion fruits, root vegetables such as yams, dasheen and tannias among others; tourism now plays a very important role on the countries economy, especially now that bananas are slowing down.

To fully explore this gorgeous nature isle, with our Central Forest Reserve, our Northern Forest Reserve, three National Parks and numerous hide away coves, 365 rivers, several waterfalls, some with hot mineral springs coming from the volcanic vents, an abundance of floral and fauna, one will require an average 10 – 14 days to do so.

  • We have properly maintained foot trails, which visitors can hike to with no great difficulty.
  • We do not have poisonous snakes, scorpions or spiders, or other creatures to scare anyone from the forest.
  • We have an abundance of fresh mountain spring water naturally filtered for immediate drinking.
  • We have a wide range of fresh tropical fruits
  • And of course friendly willing and helpful people all over the island

For the Cruise visitors, since you may have only a few hours on the island we have selected areas of interest that you will definitely enjoy.

From experience we know that some of you love the rain forest, some of you love the beach, some of you love to snorkel. Some of you love the waterfall and love to swim in them. Some of you love the flowers, and in our case some would like to visit the native people and learn of the customs and the traditions.

Whatever your likes, you could be 1 or 100 together, please contact us so as to arrange for your tour whenever you cruise on to Dominica. We will give you good and even better tours for just about half the price that you pay for organize tours on the ship. Contact us today. We will arrange your tour on beautiful DOMINICA.

For a Caribbean vacation destination the Carib Territory in Dominica is the most relaxing place to be. That’s why we at the Carib Territory Guest House make it our business to be sure that you really enjoy your vacation. Come join our many clients who have returned for several such experiences to our modest little Guest House. They say good view, good food, good and friendly people in a relaxing paradise.

Our rates are moderate.

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